Taz 6 hemera upgrade

Where can I find the molex connector identification part numbers for the lulzbot taz 6 hemera upgrade.
Rob Hunter


I am in the process of building the hemera which part are you talking about if its the 16 way black connector I got mine from RS components but I supply the Mfr part number as well
6 way Molex housing 70450 series
Mfr 22-55-2161
Rs 821-5714

Mfr 16-02-1109 female 24 AWG
RS 821-5629
series 71851

RS 679-4767
Mfr 16-02-0109 Male 24AWG

check before you buy obviously…

Your information is very much appreciated.

The part I am referring to is the inter connection wiring between the Hemera and the main harness which are all Molex.

The Hemera connection is a 20 double row female.

The inter connection on the Hemera side a 20 double row male and the other end is a 16 double row male.

However, my problem is I cannot find any identification information on their casings.

EG; Pitch etc;


Rob Hunter

so your talking about the 20 way its a micro fit 3.0

I didn’t use these they are expensive I think I had to buy 100of the male pins I did away with this and used the 16 way which is what came on the Aeroe 1

I presume you using the converter …

Itworks has one https://itworks3d.com/product/it-works-3d-e3d-hemera-toolhead-for-lulzbot-printers/

Yes I knew they had one but I’m in the UK and decided to make my own

Wow I’m surprised E3D hasn’t made one for Lulzbot.

Looking good there B-Hep :+1:

Thanks Just plugged it in and calibrating the Pid and esteps