Lulzbot Taz workhorse does not leave good finishes

My lulzbot Taz workhorse does not leave good finishes, I already checked and adjusted all the mechanics well, some things were loose but still I could not improve the finish, I printed it with polimaker pla, how could I solve this problem because with this finish it is not enough to do print jobs

what speeds are you using? I’ve abandoned cura all together. I use simplify 3d with my workhorse.

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I will say though, I still do have some banding and would like to figure out how to get rid of it. I thought the z belt system was to mitigate that issue.

I am using a speed of 45m / s, the same I tried with the simplify 3d but the results were not good almost the same as the cure

I would advise you to check all the bolts of the mechanics, in my case they all came loose I had to tighten all again

Did the bolt tightening fix your issues with finish quality?

If it did, can you post pictures of the specific bolts you tightened?

Tightening the bolts helped a lot, mainly tightening the xyz axis motors, the printed parts that make up the linear bearings of both the impression base, z axis and extruder support.
Also remove heal settings which I would not use, settings like jerk control, acceleration, small gap fill, etc.
With all this if you achieve excellent finishes.

I also reduced the extrusion flow to 95%

I want to make sure I understand. So you tighted up the hex bolts that are holding the z, x, and y bearings? Thats what did this?

I will also experiment with turning off jerk and acceleration.

Congrats! that print looks amazing!!

Thank you!!
In my case that ise and the results are excellent, I practically checked all the printer bolts and tightened the loose ones

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