Replacement Nozzle

Hi All,
I apologize if this is a repeat, but I’m new, and the search feature refused to look for nozzle.

Anyway, I want to print some carbon fiber filament, and I need access to 1) original nozzle and/or 2) steel nozzle for the lulzbot mini.


Replacement nozzles are available from a few sources: I’ve purchased them from MakerFarm and RepRapDiscount.

I am not aware of a steel nozzle for the Hexagon hotend.

I trust that you have already noticed that Lulzbot highly discourages the use of carbon fiber filament in their machines.

Awesome! Thanks George!

BTW: I may have just made a liar out of myself. I poked around a bit yesterday and discovered that nozzles for the E3D V6 hotend should also work in the Hexagon hotend. These nozzles are available in brass, stainless steel and hardened steel. Being the experimental type, I have ordered a couple and will try them out.

Note that I have no experience with carbon fiber filament. The hardened steel should work; however, the Lulzbot warnings about carbon fiber indicate that wear issues may still exist after replacing the nozzle. This may be due to the use of aluminum and brass in the rest of the hotend. I would suggest that you be ready to purchase a replacement hotend for non-carbon fiber work. Or adapting an all steel hotend for use on your TAZ.

Thanks again George. Yeah, I’m backing away from the carbon fiber. Given that, I can stick to brass. I’ll try the CF through the E3D hot end on my gigabot.