M175 tool head - adapter for 1.75 bowden to 2.85 filament sensor?

I’m installing the M175 to the Pro XT. The M175 included Teflon tube is too short for this machine but I have plenty of Capricorn tubing. Problem is connecting to the filament sensor to the 2.85mm bowden sized outlet. Is there an adapter part I can print?

You can tighten the idler on the sensor and get some success, but it’s never been 100% accurate with 1.75mm. I think I looked unsuccessfully for the model to modify a while back and gave up, but you might have better luck.

Is the sensor just a switch? Could you replace it with a sensor designed for 1.75mm filament?

Swap tool heads and swap filament sensors at the same time?

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The pro has a rolling sensor the filament turns the signal on and off every few millimeters, so the motion is detected.

Someone linked the file in the FB group

However I have opted to just use a long tube of Capricorn tubing from my Polymaker Polybox to the M175 So far it is printing great after dialing in the flow settings.

I’m guessing I can change the nozzle out to different sizes as I wish without warranty issue?

Yes, the nozzle is changeable, any warranty denial would have to prove it was the nozzle change that cause the issue.

That said, a screwed up nozzle install can lead to lots of print issues. Worst case scenario, leaking plastic out the back of the heater block causes filament to stick to the hot end, causing the snowball of doom.

When that happens, you’re probably reprinting a few parts and might have damaged the wires to the themistor.

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Well, the Slice Mosquito nozzles are vastly easier than the E3D Aero / E3Dv6 setups since the hot end doesn’t get wiggly when the nozzle comes out.

I have a blob like that from many years ago when I failed to make sure the heat brake tube was fully threaded into the heater block.

Or, put it this way, I don’t see an M175 with a 0.8 nozzle listed on the site?

No, you’ve got to buy the nozzle, but mosquitos are very easy to change. I do recommend getting the little torque driver from them too.

Great minds think alike…already have one! I have four machines in my home lab using Mosquitos.