Manual control of extruders via lcd

I like running my TAZ without my computer attached, just from the SD card and LCD screen. I can control everything I need to, except that I can’t manually operate the extruder. When I go to Movement > 10 mm > Extruder, it moves whichever extruder was activated last. I can’t select which extruder to use. I like to do that to manually feed filament, retract, or whatever.

Am I missing something? Or might this be added in a future firmware upgrade?

If you want to extruder/reverse your extruder you can do it manually by turning the large wade gear

Well, I suppose I could. Always hesitated moving things manually. Afraid I’ll break something or throw it out of alignment.

I have got to agree. Is there a reason to exclude these features?
Two things to add to LCD control

  1. Move Z axis in the same way X and Y are moved.
  2. Extrude on demand.

Manually turning the Wade gear is possible but certainly not the BEST option.

I believe that if you look, the functionality that you are looking for is there. Just try using a movement increment of 1mm or 0.1mm. I use this all the time to clear an old color from my hotend and to prime the hotend.

The default FW does not support moving the extruder in 10mm increments. I suspect that if you modify the FW to allow 10mm increments, you will soon figure out why Lulzbot made that decision. :wink: