Manual z-axis control

I’m trying to figure out how to manually move my z-axis from the machine without a tethered computer. Many of my jobs finish with the hot end pressing down onto the print and I’d like to both figure out how to make the hot end rise up from the job upon completion and to manually move it when necessary. Can you help?



I assume the Lulzbot profiles have specific code in them to send the hotend back to a predetermined spot.

Every print I’ve ever run has ended with the hot end raised off the part and totally homed on the X axis and at the far position of the Y axis. That includes using Slic3r/Pronterface and CURA too.

I assume you’re NOT using a Lulzbot provided profile for the material you’re printing? <-- these

G1 Z+0.5 E-5 Y-275 F3000

Put this in your end gcode–right most tab in Cura or in printer settings>custom G-code in slic3r–and it will move the Z-axis up, retract the filament so it doesn’t ooze, and it will spit the bed out so you can remove your print easily

Great, thanks!

I would like to see Lulzbot alter the firmware so that if a print job is cancelled it automatically raises Z a few mm to get it off the plastic.

That’s a software thing. Nothing to do with firmware.

Talking about when cancelling from the controller manually. Firmware.

I would like to see this too =)

Its pronounced softirmare :wink:

Being able to move the Z axis and/or extrude ala the nonthethered LCD screen would be amazing. How can we make this happen?
It’s most useful prepping or after a canceled print - If it finishes normally it’s not an issue.

Right out of page 130 of the manual:

Making Manual Movements With the Graphic LCD
As noted previously (page 126), making numerous manual movements is easier done using the Printrun host software. However, you can make manual movements with the GLCD. Navigate to Prepare -> Move Axis. You will select the length of the movement and then which axis to move. Note; that only 1-mm and 0.1-mm movements are allowed for the Z axis and extruder.
When at the move screen; turn the selection knob clockwise to move the axis in millimeters in the positive direction and counter-clockwise for the negative direction. Push the selection knob to complete the manual move.

Sure but not convenient or fast. Better to allow Z control automatically after a stopped print, or better yet just move the nozzle up on a stopped print 3mm automatically so it’s not buried in the plastic.

There actually was a 3d printer board that had an integrated Jog pendant. I think it was even Marlin based, but development either stopped entirely or was incompatable with the LCD controlls.

Thank you!

I had not noticed that.


Thanks! Should have read the destructions!

Anyway, it would be better as Billy mentions above to have them move under Move axis area in larger steps.