Taz 6 Y axis stuttering when printing

Y axis jumping / ticking Taz 6

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Y axis jumping / ticking Taz 6

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Dec '19


Has anyone else had a problem with their Y stuttering on their Taz 6? It is not uniform, but jumps a few mm each time when it happens. There is also a very audible ticking or a click from the Y axis stepper.

Manual control works fine, but after a print starts the stepper starts stuttering, abort print and try manual control again and the stutter persists.

I’ve checked the usual things:

  • Updated the firmware on the printer to the latest version.

  • Cleaned and lubricated the slides and lead screws with food grade silicon.

  • Adjusted the Y-axis belt tension.

  • Changed the Y-axis stepper motor with a new replacement, no change (and the grub screws are tight and in the correct position)