Taz 6 Y axis stuttering when printing

Y axis jumping / ticking Taz 6

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Y axis jumping / ticking Taz 6

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Dec '19


Has anyone else had a problem with their Y stuttering on their Taz 6? It is not uniform, but jumps a few mm each time when it happens. There is also a very audible ticking or a click from the Y axis stepper.

Manual control works fine, but after a print starts the stepper starts stuttering, abort print and try manual control again and the stutter persists.

I’ve checked the usual things:

  • Updated the firmware on the printer to the latest version.

  • Cleaned and lubricated the slides and lead screws with food grade silicon.

  • Adjusted the Y-axis belt tension.

  • Changed the Y-axis stepper motor with a new replacement, no change (and the grub screws are tight and in the correct position)

Hello, I had the same issue for several years. Gave up on the Taz 6 and started with another printer vendor.

About 6 months ago, I decided to either throw the thing in the trash or trouble shoot the issue. My time is valuable and this is why I never did this before. I paid a premium for the printer and the old company in Colorado could never help me.

I tracked down my problems in both X and Y to the cable harness. Turns out the issue was the same issue I had with several tool heads I purchased early on that were recalled. I sent them back to be repaired and they came back intermittent as well. I don’t know if they did anything to them.

The wires in the wire harness were not stripped before crimping the connectors on! The damn thing was shipped to me that way and actually worked intermittently. I stripped the wires and made new connections andI am now using my taz reliably for the very first time.(years later). - Saved from the garbage pale.

The issue was in the area where the outside harness connects to the inside harness. I was able to find the bad connection with a continuity meter.

I hope the quality control on these products are better than they were when the company was based in Colorado.

I have a pallet pro and was thinking of getting the 1.75 toolhead when it was on sale a few days ago (free adapter for taz 6), but I’ve been burnt so many times when ordering toolheads, I thought I’d opt for making my own. $375 is a bit much to pay for a toolhead that has quality control issues…

Anyway, hope that helps. The printer seems to work ok now. I use it with an enclosure for printing specialty filaments.

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Oh… I know that you posted a year ago… but… if you need part numbers from mouser for the connectors used in the harness, let me know… I’ll dig them up and post them.

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hey JM

yeah I think you may have been right or the issue was in the control board, we will never know lol, I am in the processes of upgrading both the board and the wiring. Im putting an SKR 1.4 turbo in, so i had to crimp and install new plugs for the internal harness.I have to completely agree with a truly garbage level of quality when it comes to the state of the wiring. If i get the SKR working with the a modified Drunken octopus that was built for that 32bit Archim board I might take the time to rip out all the wiring in the whole printer and fully redo it all.

I wish you all the best… Keep me posted as to your success… I may follow in your footsteps.