Mini 1 and Mosaic Palette?

I just discovered the Mosaic Palette for printing in multiple colours and materials. It’s a crazy bit of engineering! I know it works with the Mini 2, but what about my reliable ol’ Mini 1?

According to all you need is a “Lulzbot Titan Aero 0.5 Extruder Head or Lulzbot Wade Extruder” or some other way to adapt your Mini 1 to print 1.75mm filament. The appears to be on clearance.

Thanks b-morgan, that’s good to know. I have a 1.75mm hardened IT-Works toolhead on the way, though having just invested in it and some 1.75 filament, I’ll need to save up a bit before splurging on a Palette. But what a cool device! The extensibility of the Mini never ceases to amaze me.