TAZ Workhorse + Palette Questions

I purchased the TAZ Workhorse with the Palette 2 bundle last week, and assumed I would be printing the day I got it to the shop and setup. Which we really needed to be doing as this is a production machine.

Per the instructions given to me at: https://support.mosaicmfg.com/Guide/LulzBot+1.75mm+Adaptor+(TAZ+Workhorse)/129

After spending the time to rebuild the print head (which to be honest I was not expecting to have to do, as buying the bundle and being told it came fully assembled, i assumed would be done)…Anyway, I digress. After assembling the print head, replacing the tube and guide, and getting the Palette 2 mounted to the TAZ and its firmware updated per instructions, I get to step 12…Which is where the crap hit the fan so to speak.

Photo #2 of step 12 clearly shows a Mosaic CANVAS HUB. Text for that step (12) also says to follow the instructions provided in the manual. As well as to use the provided velcro tabs to secure it to the back of the TAZ Workhorse.

Well I have the velcro tabs, they are in one of the white boxes which came in the Palette 2 Box. But there is no CANVAS HUB anywhere! as specified and pictured in the instructions.

So now I have a $3500 brick on one of our production tables. Technically not a brick as I could take the time to rebuild the entire print head to get it back to 2.85mm instead of the 1.75mm conversion this was supposed to accomplish. then rebuild the entire print head a third time to reconvert it back to 1.75mm after finding the HUB.


  1. Where the BLEEP is the HUB? It is not in the Palette 2 box or the box the TAZ came in. If not provided why was this not specified during ordering with a recommendation to add it to cart as the system i purchased (TAZ Workhorse + Palette 2 Combo) would be unusable until i got it? The least that could be done is a little text on the combo’s product page that said “HUB SOLD SEPARATELY” would of been nice.

  2. Now that I have a 1.75mm guide and tube in the TAZ can I run 1.75mm filament into the top of the print head, bypassing the Palette until we get this worked out, or am i screwed for a week lost in ordering and shipping time? Do i need to just edit the printer in the slicer and change its filament to 1.75mm or what?

  3. If I cannot bypass the Palette 2, can i run it using just a single filament color? Because the instructions for its setup clearly state to print a keyring as a test and it requires 2 colors of filament which i do not have, ive got like 6 rolls of black here!

Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated!

Hey there, this is Frank, one of the Customer Success Agents of Mosaic Manufacturing. We hope that you and your family are doing well.

I have noticed that this thread has an interesting discussion with regard to our Palette 2. We encourage our 3D Printing community users to raise any inquiries and/or concerns about our products via support@mosaicmfg.com between Monday to Friday 10 AM to 6 PM EST. We’ll be more than glad to address these as soon as we can. For more information about our products, you may check this link. Thanks!

Hello @FunnyBugBees,

  1. The Palette 2 Pro S is the only one that is sold with a Canvas Hub. The regular Palette 2 does not operate wirelessly, but rather by both machines holding data onboard and the printer pulling the filament out to prompt the Palette 2 to make more filament.

  2. Yes you can run your printer as 1.75mm by bypassing the Palette 2 altogether. I would recommend slicing it in Mosaic’s slicer with a single color for this: https://www.canvas3d.io/

  3. You are in luck! The Canvas hub is not required for the Palette 2 and you could also bypass the whole machine for single color printing if you so choose.

Good Luck, just let us know!

If this were my TAZ Workhorse, instead of modifying the stock tool head from 2.85 -> 1.75, I would purchase an M175 tool head.

I believe switching tool heads (and firmware) will be faster than adding and removing the supplied modifications and the tool head designed for 1.75mm filament will probably be more reliable.

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Hi there b-morgan,

(For context I’m have a TAZ Workhorse that I want to print with 1.75mm filament, I bought a M175 Tool Head and have been unable to print with it - I cannot find the required firmware to run it)
Do you happen to know where to find a compatible firmware .hex file for a TAZ Workhorse + M175 Tool Head? Or preferably how to generate custom firmware for a TAZ Workhorse and M175 tool head? (I’d like to modify certain parameters in the Conditionals_LulzBot.h file)
I’ve been informed the redgum_lutefisk.hex file is the correct one for the TAZ WH + M175 combo but cannot seem to build that file from the build-lulzbot-firmware.sh shell script.
I cannot find any firmware files for the TAZ Workhorse on the Lulzbot website, nor can I build the desired firmware file from the source code on the Lulzbot website either.
Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

You can also follow the breadcrumbs back before the cura le and find our marlin repository, I believe the lutefisk firmware was built from the tag/branch

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I realize that the staff at LulzBot isn’t what it used to be but PLEASE can we get the files for the released products like the Workhorse and the M175 tool head renamed to eliminate the pre-release code names?

If you can’t or won’t do that, then PLEASE publish chart of code names to released product names.

The LulzBot staff also isn’t doing a very good job at making the Marlin 2 sources publicly available as required by the Marlin license.

Thank you rhenderson