Mini 1 being unable to print

I am trying to fix my school’s old mini 1, however it keeps giving the “Wrong printer detected” message. I browsed the forums and found out that the most common solution was to firmware update the printer. The CuraLE is fresh, installed just today. I do not believe the printer has been updated for 4 years. I try to connect to the console to get the extruder steps per unit, but the usb connection keeps closing because the wrong printer was detected. I cannot find the setting to override this. Is there anyway to update/print on this machine?

You can try downloading Printrun. It shouldn’t complain about the printer and you should be able to get some information from the printer using commands like M115, M503, M851, etc.

Thank you. Trying it now.

I am unable to get Printrun to work on my Mac or Raspi 4 for a variety of reasons. Is there any other where to firmware update or run the printer?

Wait. I may have found the issue. My adapter is USB type 3, but my USB B cable ends in USB type 2.

No fix, but I have access to CuraLE console now.

I opened the machine up. There is literally a burnt hole through the board. I am surprised the machine even turned on. Thank you for help.