Unable to connect via USB

A while back I tried to upgrade the firmware on this Lulzbot mini when it prompted me to do so - that made the printer unavailable and I have just circled around to trying to sort it out.

The fist question I have is what version of mini is this? I can see the serial but not the version anywhere - not anywhere obvious that is.

The second is that when connecting the latest version of Cura (3.6.8) it finds the printer but then says it cannot join current thread:

< [12:34:27] Attempting to connect to None
< [12:34:27] Detected 3D printer on /dev/cu.usbmodem141201.
< [12:34:27] Attempting to connect to printer with serial /dev/cu.usbmodem141201 on baud rate 250000
< [12:34:42] Can’t connect to printer on /dev/cu.usbmodem141201
< [12:34:42] Closing the USB printer connection.
< [12:34:42] PrinterConnection.close: cannot join current thread (expected)

Any help is appreciated.

Two minutes later - I seem to have found the solution to question 2. I’d still like to know about Q 1 though.

Following the directions for upgrading firmware led me to:

  1. connect to printer - which I was unable to do (see above for console responses)

So I decided to remove the printer from my list of printers and then saw - also under settings>printer - manage printers which is where I assumed I could remove the printer before trying to let Cura identify it again.

This window showed an option to “Upgrade Firmware” and since I didn’t see any reason not to - I clicked it - and it upgraded. And then connected… :open_mouth:

If your LulzBot Mini has a Graphical LCD Controller it’s a Mini 2, unless you were lucky enough to pick up one of the refurbished and upgraded models we offered at one brief time. If you’d like to know what specific version it was within the Mini 1 & Mini 2 family, the support team will need your serial number: https://LulzBot.com/Support.