Mini 1 with SL Tool Head Issues

I got the SL toolhead and the universal adapter to fit it to my machine. I am having lots of issues with it:

  1. Pig tailing, no matter how much I clean or cold pull, I always get pig tailing. My thoughts were that maybe the nozzle is damaged.
  2. Filament extrusion is hit or miss. The screw to tighten the head to the filament floats left and right just a bit to throw off the grip which causes the filament to not extrude. I have to spend lots of time trying to get the screw tightened just right to avoid the skipping when it’s too tight and no extrusion at all.
  3. Missing profiles. This is more of a convenience but for the cost of the machines and parts it would be nice to have these already.

I am spending so much time trying to get the extrusion right, and stop the pigtailing that I am wasting lots of filament.

Any thoughts? tips/tricks? Would be much appreciated.

Reach out to the support team once you’re using the latest version of Cura LulzBot Edition. Include information on the brand and age of filament you’re using: