Need help with "pigtailing" while printing

So my Lulzbot Taz 5 was printing perfecting fine but I ran out of my filament roll. I replaced it with a new one (both are PLA) and now I can’t make prints anymore.

Anytime I try to print now, the filament “pigtails” (or curls upwards) towards the nozzle and sticks to the side of the nozzle instead of sticking to the hotbed. I’ve read tutorials on how to clear blockages and tried them. Most of them claimed that if you raise the printhead up and it curls as it comes out, there is a blockage. It did so I followed the tutorials and got the filament to start coming out straight. But when I try to print, it pigtails again. However, it comes out straight when it isn’t printing now so now I have no idea what it could be.

Anyone know what the issue is here? I’m really confused. Thanks!

If the extrusion comes out of the nozzle straight, its probably an adhesion issue with the bed. Clean your print bed with alcohol and scotch brite pad. Lower the initial nozzle height using the z-limit to help the adhesion (try half a turn at a time until the extrusion sticks)