Mini 1 Y-Axis Max Reporting but bed is not stopping

Hey all,
I am one of the students that run my Universities Makerspace and I am having a bit of a problem with one of our Minis. Whenever I go to home the printer, the bed will come forward and not stop, causing the motor to grind. My first thought was the limit switch and that is what I have been exploring.
I have manually tested the Y limit switches with the M119 command within Cura, and the switch is reporting correctly within the software. Pushing the bed forward manually (printer off of course), the switch does make contact where it should with an audible click. Past this, I am completely stuck. The switch seems to be working both physically and electrically. While we are using older versions of Cura and printer software(That is a WHOLE other issue), none of the other printers we have are having a problem. I re flashed the software to the printer as well and that has not fixed the issue.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Reach out to the support team at, they’ll be able to help you through a quick diagnosis. If you can, make sure that you’re able to connect to the printer with a computer running the latest version of Cura LE, from when you reach out.

I had the same thing happen. The bed jams up just 1 mm or so before it hits the limit switch, and it takes a very strong force to push it all the way into the switch, and the belt just jumps instead. I could never figure out what gets in the way, so I ended up sticking a piece of foam tape onto the end bracket. This causes the switch to trigger just before the bed jams on the tracks.