Software issue with Lulzbot mini starting up (Cura 19.08)

Further testing has revealed that the sensor stops responding at about 2/3rds the length of the Y-Axis. The program doesn’t do that for the other machine, leading me to believe it is indeed hardware. Sorry for the bad post :frowning:

Salutations folks,

I’ve got a weird problem. The library I work at has two Lulzbot mini’s, both of which we control with Cura 19.08. Our older printer has run into an issue during it’s start up, in which that once it hits home on the Y axis, it keeps trying to go farther, making a horrible grinding noise.

So the first thought is "flip it over and look at the underside. I find the little stop sensor buttons, check the wires (all firmly connected). RUn some tests and find that the button isn’t registering when it is in the start up or Home-Y, but if you tell it to move an increment along Y, the moment the button it touched it stops. So it shouldn’t be a hardware issue, but this issue does not occur with our newer printer, which is also a lulzbot mini, still running Cura 19.08 to control it.

Any ideas on this one, or should I give Aleph a ring?

Thanks kindly for any help![/strike]

No worries CRW, now that you have determined a hardware problem I’d recommend getting in contact with customer support.