Y Axis flipped on Lulzbot Mini

Hi All,

I just upgraded my Cura software to 3.6.31. I’ve had a Mini for years now and I needed to get it up and running on a new computer. I was having some issues connecting to it at first, but updating the firmware fixed that issue. The problem I have now is that it’s trying to home the Y to the front of the machine rather than the back. I can’t seem to flip the axis using the Cura software so I’m guessing I need to update the firmware somehow. Any suggestions?

Is your Y axis really flipped somehow or is it just homing the other way now? My Mini 1 with firmware homes to the front. But when it is done, it shows the Y at 185. Dialing the Y to zero with the motion menu moves the bed to the back. This is normal and it prints fine.

Yea, that wasn’t the issue. It turns out that I didn’t notice that the Y axis had 2 limit switches. Either way, the cables appear to be broken so the Lulzbot is never seeing the limit switch being triggered.