Calibration Issue


Upon initiating a print with Cura, my mini is moving the bed back (Y axis) too far. See vid:

I’ve tried restarting mini and Cura, but no help. If I let it go, the print does come out OK, but I fear I’m gonna damage the motors if I continue printing with this issue.

Appreciate my suggestions on fixing. Thanks!

Have you checked to make sure it is not hitting the wall? It could also be a bad limit switch. While the bed is moving to the back try hitting the limit switch manually and see if it stops

Keebie, I did check the wall. Appreciate that thought. I would have been greatly embarrassed if that were it. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately its not. I see the endstop switch on the parts page, but can’t locate it on the printer. I assume its under the bed?

yes its under bed, one on front and one on back