Mini 2 and thin wall issue

Just got my new Mini 2 (had a Mini 1 for years) and having trouble with printing objects with thin walls. I have a simple cylinder I’m trying to print with 0.5mm walls. This prints fine on my Mini 1, but trying to do it on the Mini 2 results in a very poor quality wall (see attached). Instead of printing it in one motion, it jerks around as if it were trying to print it in pieces. I’ve tried it using different profiles, High, and Fast settings. I’ve also checked the Print Thin Walls option (even though the nozzle and wall are both 0.5mm). Not sure what I’m missing, but shouldn’t this printer be able to handle this out of the box?

For starters switch over to layer view and slide the slider up/down through the layers you might see what’s going on. Top/bottom pattern may work better for this when set to concentric.

I agree that this is strange difference between the 1 & the 2 and there shouldn’t be.

Thanks for the tip. Tried this and rendered the same. Not sure what setting you are referring to?

This setting is under the Shell category


Will try it out and report back…
EDIT: Tried it, and no go. Have to say, after owning a Mini 1 for years with little to no issue. I’m not impressed with the Mini 2. I like that it’s faster and more quiet (other than the crazy case fan noise!) but issues like this + bed leveling mess ups due to cleaning not working well are disappointing…