New Mini 2 - First 3DBenchy Issues

Well, I picked up a brand new Mini 2 at a steep discount from my local retailer. I have been getting it ready to print and have updated the firmware to the latest through Cura Lulzbot Edition 3.6.37. Having several other printers including a prusa i3 I want to print a 3dbenchy to test print quality but it looks like I have some layer shifting going on. This is using the standard .25mm quality setting with no changes and a fresh spool of Inland PLA+. I’ve calibrated Z and the hotend PIDs and done all the normal setup I know to do. Any thoughts on where to take my troubleshooting would be appreciated. I have a support ticket open as well so maybe they can help.

“All the normal setup” is a bit nebulous.

Have you done temp towers with that filament yet?

Benchy looks fairly good, but those bands are pretty prominent. Were there temperature changes in the printing environment at those times?