Mini 2 Auto Level is missing the bed

So recently my mini 2 has started missing the first washer in the auto leveling process, is there a way to adjust where the Y axis is during the auto level routine?

I assume that it is stopping above the washer and not trying to push through. This would indicate that the controller thinks it has already hit the washer. Make sure the nozzle does not have any conductive crud hanging from it (like steel wool or a whisker from a metal brush).

Some folks say that this means your controller board is dead which would suck. At the most it would be a single input pin on the Atmel microcontroller.

Use the command M119 to find the state of your end stops

The Z end stop is what is used for bed leveling. If the nozzle is not touching a washer it should say Open. If it is, it should say triggered. You can touch a wire between the nozzle and a washer to see the change. It might require a helping hand though.

Also, if you have a bolt meter, you should see 5 Volts between a washer and the nozzle when you machine is powered up. If you don’t it could be a broken wire or your Rambo controller is busted

I hope the fix is easy for you