Mini 2 idler adjuster refuses to tighten

I’m still relatively new to 3d printing, and after about a month without using it, I started installing new filament to continue printing. However, when tightening the idler using the knob, all it does is rotate the nut (the one which I think is supposed to show how tight the idler is) and not adjust the idler whatsoever. I do not know if it is a problem with the adjuster, or if there is a jam somewhere, however the filament can still move through without problem so I have absolutely no idea help

Can you post a detail photo of the extruded/idler part? Is this machine new or used?

I’ve used it for about 9 months, however I haven’t used it for the last month or so.

as I am still relatively new to 3d printing I don’t know what part you are referring to, could you provide a diagram or something thanks

Not to insult, but you are using 2.85 mm filament?

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