Mini 2 with 0.25mm SL toolhead

I recently bought a 0.25mm SL toolhead for my mini 2. I have yet to get a good print with it.

I have generally used Inova-1800 filament and would like continue to use it. the latest software does not include a profile for inova-1800 filament. is there a profile available for the .25mm extruder and inova-1800?

IMO, profiles are just a good starting point. I regularly adjust the starting profile based on how my printer is behaving.

Looking at the profiles that are available for the SL toolhead, is there a material that also has a profile on your “other” toolhead? If so, then compare the differences and use them to create a profile for SL toolhead from the Inova-1800 profile you do have. Then adjust as necessary.

I make use of calibration-type prints. Things like a temperature tower and other “torture” objects. Even a 3DBenchy.

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I did try that. With an existing profile, it is easy to tweak one parameter at a time to see what happens. With a cobbled together profile, any number of parameters could be wrong. It could take forever to get it all tweaked right. Someone at Lulzbot must have gone through this process with inova-1800 and the .25mm SL toolhead. It would be nice if they could share that information with their customers.

here’s 3Dbenchy. not too bad for first pass with cobbled together parameters

If you would like a starting point you can look at other profiles on similar type toolheads, the SL is very similar to the SE for instance. You can make parallels between other profiles that have been adapted from the SE to the SL and apply those to the inova-1800 SE profile.