Mini 2 Y Axis misalignment


I was working with my Mini 2 just fine with the .5 mm toolhead. I made the change to the .25 mm toolhead and started to have a rare issue I never had before.

The Y axis is moved, and causes a “collision” when trying to probe. Instead of touching the first washer, it touches the bed and fails. Then the printer starts again, and when it goes down to wipe, I noticed it was wiping in the air, just hovering over the bed, and then again, touches the bed when trying to probe. This repeats until the printer fails.

I have firmware.
Cura LE 3.6.37

I don’t know if I messed something, but this never happened before.

Did you change the toolhead in the toolhead menu on the machine?

I did.
The error extends to the moment off adjusting X axis, when it goes down, it touches the back right washer, and pushes the bed down from that corner.

I did the selection before I even slice the model.

Did you remove the tool head to change the nozzle or change the nozzle with the tool head in place? I ask because I’m wondering if the hot end was rotated out of normal position.

I have both toolheads. I changed the full toolhead. I have never changed the nozzle alone.

Did you purchase the .25mm toolhead factory new? Have you used it before with no prob? It’s a SL? Not a SE with .25 nozzle? Can you compare the heater block orientation to that of your .5 toolhead?
(Just making sure it’s not a physical issue.)

I bought it brand new like 3 years ago, it’s the SL .25mm toolhead. I have used it many, many times. This never happened before.

OK- didn’t understand. Must be a software problem. Someone more knowledgeable than I will—hopefully— have thoughts on this soon.
After sitting around unused for a while, you polished the nozzle to make super sure it’s clean and bright? My last 2 cents worth.

It’s too far forward correct? And the X position is correct but n front of the washer?
Rebooting M2 and performing a “Level X axis” is not a problem?

Yes, only the Y axis seems to be affected, it’s getting maybe a centimeter to the front.

Yes, completely clean. It light be a software issue. In clueless at this point

So we can better understand what’s happening, can you record a video and post it? Youtube seems to be the most reliable option for posting.

There could be something jamming the movement of the bed, since the mini2 uses sensorless homing, anything that stops the bed’s movement early would cause the Y axis to be off.

Check for obstructions and that the bed is actually moving all the way to its limits.

If it’s hitting any washer and not stopping, it sounds like it could be a break in the zero sense circuit. Occasionally the pins going into the harness get broken or the wires can get an internal break.

If you’re using Cura LE, open up the terminal and issue a M119 command. This will report the endstop states. This is using a Taz 6, but the procedure is the same.

Send: M119
Recv: Reporting endstop status
Recv: x_min: open
Recv: y_max: open
Recv: z_min: open
Recv: filament: TRIGGERED
Recv: ok

Now, run a short length of wire between the nozzle and one of the washers (with the nozzle cold, for your safety). Run the M119 command again. You should see the change in z_min.

Send: M119
Recv: Reporting endstop status
Recv: x_min: open
Recv: y_max: open
Recv: z_min: TRIGGERED
Recv: filament: TRIGGERED
Recv: ok

If your z_min doesn’t change, then you need to troubleshoot where the break is. Usually it’s gunk on the nozzle, so try and connect directly to the zero sense wire ring terminal on the side of the .25 SL toolhead, and do the M119 again.

Keep moving the wire further toward the board, following the zero sense wire (toolhead side of harness, then machine side of the harness, back to the motherboard). If there’s still no z_min TRIGGERED, then work the bed side of the zero sense until you’ve found where the break is.