Mini 3 calibration issues- will not print circles

Until today I have been able to print the “5 circles” file without issues. It appears now that 2 of the 5 circles print as ovals and the print itself is not centered on the bed. Any help to resolve this would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
see photo:

It looks like your bed is missing some of the movement.

Hold the Y axis belt and put a little pressure on the bed to see if it moves. If so, the belt isn’t mounted to the bed securely, check mounting points. If no movement there, check the location and tension of the Y axis motor grub screws. One should be centered on the flat spot of the motor shaft. If not in proper location and tension, it can rotate some amount before catching and moving the bed.

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Thanks for the response. You were correct. It was the set screw for the Y axis stepper motor. I tightened it up and things look great!.

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I re-read you post and I noticed that my set screw is not centered on the flat part of the stepper shaft. Does it need to be centered If so, what is the best way to adjust it and will that impact the Home location?
Thanks in advance.
See photo:

Yes, it needs to be centered on it. Loosen and remove BOTH screws (which are 90 degrees of shaft rotation apart). Add blue threadlocker to them. No special technique needed to align the gear and shaft. Just rotate one to match the other. It won’t affect the home location.

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Thanks! This is very helpful. Have a great day.