parts coming out short on y axis

I got a refurb mini and printed a 40mm cube in pla. My x axis measurement is 39.95mm but the y axis 39.65mm. I have tightened the belts and that did not help at all. I have even tried a new stepper, no change.

In the firmware I set my Xsteps to 100 and Ysteps to 100. I have found these values work better for accuracy when printing PLA on my Taz5’s. Is there any way to fix the Y axis issue or will I need to put in a different value for Ysteps in the firmware?

Ive also noticed that circles come out with a flat spot on the top and bottom on the y axis. Tried tightening and loosening belts. Always end up with same result. I adjusted my Steps for the y to 100.88 and x to 100.11 to get accurate squares, but even then the circles had flat spots. Its not my model either, I made a new circle stl and tried the dimension accuracy file from make magazine.

I did notice the x end is cracked on the motor side and starting on the pully side. I watched it print and didnt see any movement on the crack though. Not sure if thats causing the issue.

After spending the last two days trying to solve this I think im just gonna send it back.

Any chance the y axis pulley is the wrong one? Specifically one with the wrong number of teeth? That’s the only thing I can thing of mechanically that would result in a different measurement from the x axis if the firmware is correct.

Checked that, the pulley is the correct one, counted 16teeth. the belt is correct too. Matches the x axis belt.

That’s just weird then. Maybe a seized idler pulley? Or a loose shaft Pulley? Its either that or the firmware is wrong on y steps, or an electrical or motor fault.

Cracked parts will cause X wobble issues, so contact support. Or you could try printing new parts and replace the cracked parts yourself. The belt may have been tight and applied enough force to cause failure of weakened parts. The cracks usually are layer adhesion problems in the parts manufacturing.

As for the Y dimension issue you would need to calibrate the Y-steps setting in firmware to correct that is all.

Are you using Cura 19.12? I have been in liaison with support about a possible nozzle sizing error either in the firmware, but more likely Cura 19.12. The software boys are looking it, but expect an update very soon!

It was the same in cura and simplify3d. I returned the used printer and got a new one. Seems fine now