Mini crashes into print bed at start of auto level.

So I’ve had my mini for a couple of months and have been printing pretty successfully up until today.

I started a print for a small pin for a hinge and the print ended up failing, at some point in this process the abs filament got caught around the spool holder, preventing it from feeding. When I tried to restart the print the filament quickly reached it’s end point and ended up being yanked out of the print head.

I stopped everything, fixed the spool, fed the filament back into the extruder and extruded a few inches to make sure everything was ok. The problem is that when I went to start printing again the print head crashes into the bed at the start of the wiping process. I have no idea what may have been damaged or gotten out of alignment to cause this. I’m using default Cura profiles, I’ve reset the machine and my computer so I’m fairly sure it’s not a software issue. I was contemplating flashing the firmware, but I feel like it’s a mechanical issue. Any ideas for what could be happening?


EDIT: I’ve discovered this might be the bed? It’s currently set all the way forward and I cannot move it in cura in either direction. I get an expected endstop if i try to move it towards me, but if I move it away I get:

< echo:endstops hit: Y:0.00 [expected]
< echo:endstops hit: Y:-0.51
< echo:endstops hit: Y:-0.52
< echo:endstops hit: Y:-0.53
< echo:endstops hit: Y:-0.54
< echo:endstops hit: Y:-0.55

Even though it hasn’t moved at all. I tried turn it off, manually moving the bed all the way in then turning it back on again, and have discovered that I can move the bed towards me without a problem, but it will not move forwards (towards the back of the machine) at all, it just says it hits an endstop.

Try reflashing the firmware. I had a similar issue and doing that fixed it for me.

I’ve now tried doing that. It’s now stopped crashing into the bed, instead it moved the bed too far forward and so the head does the wiping motions into thin air because the print bed is about a half inch forward from where the Mini thinks it is. I think the core of the problem is that bed will not move backwards and I dont know why. I’m not getting endstop notifications since I updated it. And now for some reason I can’t manually move the bed in either direction in cura, although it does continue to move towards me during the auto-level procedure (but not back)

hmm… could your back limit switch be bad now (as in always stuck in the on position?)… though you said that error went away when you re-flashed your firmware. Visually check your back limit switch just in case and try using the M119 command to show the status of each limit switch. You can even hold your back limit switch down with your finger and see if it is working or not.


I’ve talked with support. Seems something might be up with cable going to the Y-Min switch. It’s showing always triggered, even with unplugged. Switching the wires from y-min to y-max results in y-max not triggering with pushed so yeah something seems to be up in the cable bundle since the rambo seems fine. Not sure if it’s fixable by me, and may have to RMA. Which is a bugger since I was half way through printing Christmas gifts on it, so now the gf’s gonna get a half finished gift :frowning:

Bummer. Yeah, sometimes stuff like that happens.

In the meantime try checking out your local makerspace/hackerspace and/or 3DHubs to see if you can use a printer to finish your gifts.

In case anyone was wondering, it was the rambo. Must have burnt something out somehow then the filament snagged. I replaced the board and she’s working good as new.