2 Mini 1 questions

Mini1 will only move bed forwards. never back. Its in a shared space, and dont want to mess with it too much. Any ideas? Where to start?

Another mini1, is difficult to explain. Started when the silicone sock got jammed between nozzle and felt wipe area. now when I start a print, hotend moves to top of Z, then moves left and bed moves front. All normal, endstops work great. Then Z lowers hotend to the bed, and now the endstops are ignored, and hotend jerks against the left side a few times. Bed moves forward and again endstop is ignored and bed jerks and jumps against the endstop. Now the nozzle lowers to the corner button, but misses and hits the bed. Causes level fail, and tries again. This time it works perfect and prints like normal. What could have gone wrong?


#1. Sounds like a Y endstop is in “always triggered” condition. That’s usually a bad mini-Rambo board. To test, place bed away from all endstops, send M119, and inspect reply. If one of the Y endstops shows “triggered”, you have identified the problem. You can inspect switch and wire to make sure there isn’t a short somewhere, but that rarely happens – so most likely the board.

#2. Haven’t seen that behavior before. Best guess… The jerking against the endstop may indicate a bad switch (not making contact 100% of time) or a bad (broken) wire making intermittent connection. The subsequent action (moving to the right too far so it misses the washer) would be a side effect of that. Check wiring, switch, and connections at switch for intermittent function.

The mini homes twice. First raises all the way to the top then homes x and y. Perfect no problem every time. Then lowers all the way, and thats when BOTH x and y do this wierd endstop ignore thing. Thats why I believe its not a wiring or endstop issue or is ther some common wiring between the 2 axis endstops? . Havent been to the makerstaion for a week now, but will try you r#1 suggestion thanks.

Swopped endstop connectors at the board. Still Y min triggered, so I guess its the board. There is one lone connector hanging loose in the wire harness. Blue and black wires. Cant figure out where it goes, or if its unused?