MINI Does not seem to be probing correctly

I have been having some trouble getting a Mini printer to print. When it goes to probe the bed it will not go down all the way to the bed and the probe only seems to raise the toolhead up. It will pass the probe and try to print up in the air above the bed. Its a bit hard to explain and I have not been able to find any other similar issues.

Have you changed anything in the slicer settings? I saw that sort of thing when tinkering with the start script. Some changes broke the auto level. Try loading the stock profile from lulzbot in cura and test.

I have been useing the standard settings in cura and the profiles online. And the starting gcode is unchanged. When I try to probe by using g29 it seems to do the same thing.

I believe this behavior is caused by a shorting thermistor to the heater cartridge. This causes odd electrical and motor behavior such as the print head going the opposite way it should. Check your thermistor sleeves.