Probe Error with Mini

I have a Lulzbot Mini yesterday I wanted to check the leveling of the bed, so the probe mode did not check the four corners and when I wanted print an item it would not print on the bed surface. It would print hovering over the bed; I need someone to help me please.

I try to print now and it won’t get out of four corner probe mode each time I try to print an item.

Things I did already:

When you first opened the Lulzbot Cura program, did it ask you what type of machine you were using?

it is setup under Lulzbot Mini

This is the video of my probe for mini

Looks like your x-carriage is not parallel to the bed; it appears to be high on right side. This will cause the firmware to think it has probed downward beyond the right disk (i.e., as if dirty nozzle hit disk but didn’t make electrical contact) and initiate the re-clean / re-probe sequence you are seeing.

Try adjusting the X-carriage parallel to bed as described in the 6th post of this thread:

I have exactly the same problem and it occured right after firmware update.
Did levelling work?