Bed Height Setting Cura 3.6 Mini 2 Issue

Hi All, I want to adjust the Z height to tune my first layer, but I am having tons of trouble. I have a Taz 5 which is simple as. I appreciate the simplicity of the Mini being self levelling, but how do i set the Z height?

I am running Cura 3.6.23, and it appears there in no way to tweak the Z height without using G codes. But there is a Plugin to do it, but I just can find no way to actually add the plugin into Cura.

Then how can I send the printer head down to the bed, so i can check the height?

All advice and help greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

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Your Zoffset can be changed through the LCD menu by clicking the LCD knob in once to bring up the main menu then navigating to:
Configuration → Advanced Settings → Probe Z-Offset

Then, you can make your closer to the bed by turning the knob counter-clockwise. You can make your nozzle further away from the bed by turning the knob clockwise.
Once you have found a good setting for the z-offset, make sure to back up a screen and Store Settings.

The typical z-offset is a number somewhere close to -1.2mm. If you change the z-offset from -1.2 mm to -1.25mm this will make your first layer more squished by bringing the nozzle closer to the bed. If you change the z-offset from -1.2 to -1.15 this will make your first layer less squished by moving the nozzle away from the bed.

You can also adjust this setting in real time while your printer is laying down its first layer.
To do this during your printers first layer navigate to the tune menu on your LCD and scroll down to z-offset.
From here you can tune the offset up and down and the printer will adjust the first layer height as you adjust the settings.

Just remember to go back to configuration and store the settings once your printer is done again.