Mini Graphical LCD mounting

I purchased a new Mini Rambo and Mini Graphical LCD to upgrade my old mini that has a Tabsmith enclosure. Making a hole in the front of the enclosure for the LCD will be difficult. There is a joint that in the enclosure where the cutout should be. I am considering putting the LCD on the opening below the filament spool holder. Does anyone have experience mounting the LCD in an alternate location?

We’ve designed a front enclosure to fit around the display unit. That said, there is a nice mount for the left hand side of the printer, that works really well. It consists of a printable bracket and bolts onto the top of the control box on the left. Attached is picture of the front enclosure with the cutout for the display. It goes on without any modifications to the printer and is removable with just two clips.

I printed this successfully and it’s a nice relocation of the lcd.

How do I get one of these

My bad. I think I will try the mount on the left above the control box.

Thanks to JasonR for the link to an alternate solution to mounting the GCLD. I replaced the miniRambo board because my old one does not have the headers needed. Went by a picture I took of the old miniRambo to wire the new miniRambo because the wiring color codes in the OHAI does not match my mini(five years old). I went by the connector orientation in the graphics and ignored the wire color orientation. Connectors are keyed so that if the cables are running towards the top of the GLD, both cables have the red and brown to the right on the miniRambo. Powered up after connecting via Cura, but LCD was blank. Suspected firmware update would fix, but it didn’t. Swapped ends of ribbon cables to have brown and red wires on the left at the miniRambo. Wires at the LCD face down in this configuration and not like the OHAI picture. LCD lit up and looks OK, but the x,y and z positions flash on and off, sometimes showing a value, but other times showing question marks. Decided to test USB printing first and the head and bed would heat up, but probing during level fails right from the start. Z appeared to need some adjustments because probing would push down excessively and bed would deflect about 4-5 mm. Verifed esteps were set correctly. This happened to me on a TAZ six because I failed to read the fine print about cleaning the dual head extruder with a wire brush and blew some fuses on the Rambo. Would cables being reversed for the GLCD cause a fuse to blow. Please share any ideas why this is happening. Thank you for your support.