I think I’ve asked this before, but does anyone know if the little pointy hex nozzles work alright in the newer hexagon hot end? The thread is the same, but shorter by the look of it. Can’t see why they wouldn’t work alright. I think they’re the ones from makerbots by the look of them, they’re not the E3D v6 ones which definitely work fine.

I needed a large one (.8mm I’m trying) to try before the weekend and they were the only ones I could find that would ship in time without paying 4x the nozzles value for express shipping.

Yes, E3DV6 nozzles like that will fit the hexagon barrel. Please note that changing your hotend nozzle will currently void your hotend warranty if it is still under warranty.

Sorry, it’s not an E3D one, I already have a second .5mm one of those which works fine. In fact, I prefer them, they’re easier to get on and off because I can stick a socket on them. It’s a smaller, pointier one.

I’ve had my nozzles off and swapped them around more times than I care to think! Cleaning is infinitely easier with the nozzle off, and they’re a doddle to change over.

If the thread section is shorting than the hexagons then you will not seal correctly against the bottom of the heat break and your nozzle will leak.

The threaded section of the nozzle needs to be as long or longer than the Hexagon nozzle, otherwise, it will leak. The hexagon nozzle or heat break need to be longer, in my opinion, so they seal against each other the same way the E3D units do. I run E3D nozzles in my Hexagon hotends whenever possible for this reason.

I have onenof hear different nozzles coming, was only £2 so hardly bank breaking if it doesn’t work. Thought it was worth trying. The thread actually looks the same as the original one that comes with the hexagon, I was comparing to the longer E3D nozzles.

Without wanting to start a new thread, has anyone transported their TAZ around? Thinking of bringing mine home for the weekend for a long print. I can’t leave it on at work at present as we’re not insured for leaving machines unmanned. I know nothing will happen but with my luck if I leave it something will. If it’s going be an effort I won’t bother, but if it’s just re levelling the bed or some other menial task then I think I will.