Mini prints off center

After printing one object with ABS I decide to change to T-glase for the next one. I changed out the filament, selected the right material in Cura 19.12 and then began to print. It goes right for about 2 inches and then shifts and begins to print off center. I changed back to ABS and it still did it. I powered everything down, let it sit for a few min and then restarted everything. It still does it. I haven’t changed anything except filament and filament selection in Cura.

Just installed Cura v21 and I have the same problem.

Decided to print a Rocktapus and it is printing fine.
Maybe my .stl got corrupted for the other part?

OK, so now I went back to the part that all of a sudden will not print correctly. This is a part that I has successfully printed at least a dozen times with zero issues. I have upgraded to Cura v21 and now when the part loads it is grayed out in Cura. If I shrink it then everything is green and it also prints fine. What was happening is that the printer is hitting an end stop and that throws everything off.

So I have a few questions.
Do I need to do some adjustment on the Mini? If so, what?
What does a part that always showed green in cura now suddenly show gray?
Is the a way to not print the out line so that I can get more print space?

I’m really baffled by this. I print a part fine in ABS or HIPS just fine, but when I switched to T-Glase everything went wrong and stayed wrong.

Ok, got it figured out now. My part will not print correctly with T
glase, but it will print just fine using ABS or HIPS. For some reason selecting T-glase causes it go all wonky.

Thanks for all the help! you guys were great! /s