Mini Shorts Out During Probe Phase

Hi, I recently bought a used Lulzbot mini and need help solving an issue.

My problem is that my Mini stops working when it touches the washer in the probe phase. It gets to the first washer and just stops and stays on the washer. It loses all connection to the computer and I am unable to connect or detect the printer over USB. If I push the bed away from the hotend so that the hotend and the washer are no longer touching then I’m able to reconnect to the printer over USB. I’m assuming there is some kind of short in the system somewhere, but I’m not sure how to find where it is or how to fix it. I’m not sure where to begin to look as I’ve not worked with fixing electrical components before, and I’m brand new to 3D printing.

I bought it used and it was never indicated to me that it had any issues but that’s the price of buying used I suppose. I originally thought that there was a problem with the toolhead, so I installed a new one but I’m still having the same problem with shorting out during the probe. Everything else seems to be working fine, besides this one issue. It heats up fine, it moves around fine etc, it just shorts out when it touches the first washer.

If anyone has a guide or a set of steps I can use to pinpoint where the short is happening and how to fix it I would be so grateful. Any help would be amazing, I’m dying to finally be able to print.

Measure to see if you have 5 volts on the nozzle/hot-end. It sounds like you are shorting the onboard 5 volts supply when you probe the washer. It will not blow a fuse, but does kill the logic on the control board and makes the printer just stop.