Cura is infilling empty space

I’ve never had an issue except for this model, I checked it over and over and it should be fine. This is the model here

Then halfway though the print cura made it fill in the entire space, you can see in layer view

Then if you go a few layers up its like nothing happened.

I’ve tried everything to fix this, but every time it fills the entire box for 3-4 layers. Any ideas?

I’d need to see the actual STL file.!W9Bj0QKb

Thats the STL there

edit: apparently mega wants a decryption key now? Its !YHl244hHr_BIKW9mOtMgd3YriRz2reL9zb2Cg-dVSVw

There was a geometry error in the STL file related to that side hole. Here’s a fixed version, see if this works better.

For future reference you can upload stl files directly here.
JV-Box-2 (repaired).stl (75.6 KB)

That seems to have fixed the issue. Thanks!

What was the geometry error for future reference?

The round side hole didn’t really have a connected face at the part where the bolt / button would rest. It was corrupted.

Ah, I found it now. I looked all over for a missing face too, it was hidden. Thanks again!

Your welcome! The free version of netfabb is good at finding those.