MOARstruder issue

Changed my stock .5mm hexagon with the MOARstruder. Flashed the firmware and used the standard PLA profile off the site. Cura says the cooling should have started at 3mm. The cooling fans did not turn on at all. They are screaming hot and not turning. The nozzle cooling fan is turning. Pretty sure I have the correct tool connector with 2 pins coming out of the board and inserting to the MOAR connector correctly.
I did need to turn the cable pin connector 180 degrees for the pins to align to plug in. I assume this is a wiring issue somewhere. Unless I missed something I’m pretty sure I have the right v2c tool head harness.

Turn the printer off, then back on
Try turning the filament cooling fans on manually from the LCD:

  • Temperature
  • Fan speed
  • adjust to 128, then push the button to set. The value range is 0-256, so 128 = 50%
    If the fans don’t come on:
  • Turn the printer off
  • Remove the toolhead
  • remove the two screws that secure each of the filament cooling fans
  • Look at the hub of the fan. Are they 5V or 24V? They should be 24V.
  • If they are 24V, + and - are likely connected backward.

Update- the tool head was defective. The zip tie to hold part of the wiring cut through the wires. Lulzbot has repaired and sent back.