Moarstruder Slic3r profiles?

Does anyone have Moarstruder profiles for Slic3r?

Are you starting from scratch, or do you already have good profiles for the regular hotend?
If the latter, I would make the following changes:

  • Change nozzle diameter
  • Probably increase layer height to start out with, so small differences in E-multiplier don’t have a big effect on E-width
  • Reset extrusion multiplier to 1 (and eventually retune it)
  • If you have any manual extrusion widths, scale them by (new_nozzle_diameter)/(old_nozzle_diameter).
  • Probably decrease # of perimeters (since they’ll invariably be thicker
  • If you’re using autospeed, increase “maximum volumetric extrusion”, I’m not sure by how much.

If the former, I have a working profile for a regular extruder that I can share with you.

I have profiles for a regular extruder, I was just trying to be lazy.

I ‘tried’ printed with a Moar last week and I found you need a pretty high infill percentage to get a smooth top surface. Also wall thickness is like 1.2 mm minimum(nozzle size), so one perimeter is pretty wide.

Some call it lazy, others call it smart. :stuck_out_tongue:

you need a pretty high infill percentage to get a smooth top surface.

You could also try increasing Print Settings->Layers and Perimeters->Solid layers->Top. More top solid layers means more chance for the bridging to smooth out.

The layers are already,thick so just 3 top layers are 1.8 - 2.5 MM. And that has been the minimum to bridge if you use anything less than 50%. I tried to print the bed plate drill guide for the Y axis Openbuild upgrade and it looked like a waffle. :laughing: