Moarstruder External Fill Pattern

I know the moarstruder is intended for speed over appearance but just curious if anyone has been able to achieve neater external fills or has any suggestions. I have tried the normal and fast profiles in cura as well as an S3D profile that was cloned from cura except using the concentric pattern also on both slicers i have tried various temperatures but they all yield the same result.


I really know nothing about the MOAR extruder except that you can lay down lots of plastic pretty quickly with it.
Just looking at your infill pattern, it would appear that whatever material you are using is running Way To Hot.
The infill should be extruding as a good line with no melting and goobering plastic all over the inside of your object.
Even though I know nothing about MOAR, I am interested in getting one.

I have a TAZ6 with standard extruder, but I believe my observation would be pretty accurate.

Without knowing what material, what temperature, Fans or not, Slicing software and particular printing machine,
it would be impossible for anyone to be able to even offer a suggestion.

All I can suggest is to turn down your MOAR temperature and use fans to cool you layers depending on your material.

Sorry I could not offer more assistance.


Thanks for the reply, I have tried everything from the default cura slice which puts the temp at 220/60 as well as various other slices which the temp as low as 205/50. I have also tried to clone the settings in simplify 3D, I will try again at 200 and possibly 195.

Just getting started with a Moarstruder on my Taz6… wondering who else has made progress improving overall surfacing?

I’m using cura and I’ve tried a few prints in ‘vase’. Interestingly enough, I’m seeing not great layer adhesion in a few spots.

A few blips here and there, and some z-scarring on my PLA print–this was printed using traditional settings though 0% infill.

But even the test vase (printed in t-glas on vase setting) actually won’t hold water… for use as a vase.

In any event, I’m tweaking a few settings to try to compensate for what seems to be ‘too thin’ or ‘too fast’ top layers on my PLA print. Interestingly enough, even if I reduce my bottom layer, it’s solid as a rock and appears to have the nozzle sliding over the layers to smooth it out.

Still brainstorming on improving output, but it’s pretty cool so far. Some of my prints are finished in half the time!