Model Origin

I build my my model in standard CAD software, and put it 10mm above the x-y plane in the CAD software.

Then I load the STL file load into Cura, and the model is sitting right on the build plate (x-y plane), not 10mm above the x-y plane that I designed in my CAD software.

So looks like the origin is not exported in the STL file, and the model sits right on the buildplate. Why is this happening?

And in Cura I see how to move the model in the x-y plane, but I see no way to move the model in the z-direction (like if I wanted to sink the model into the build plate for example).



when Cura loads a model, it ensures that its lowest point touches the bed.

You can sink an object into the bed as follows:
Expert menu: “Switch to full settings…
In the Advanced tab, in the Quality section, there is an entry “Cut off object bottom (mm)”.

hope this helps, Werner