Motors go wrong direction and only work for home

Just finishing up my Kittaz and hit a roadblock. In Pronterface only the home command works for each axis, but the motors run in the wrong direction. The other incremental + and - commands have no affect. Absolutely sure the stop switches are wired correctly. The configure file has the correct values for the way the end stops are wired. Thought of changing the motor direction in the config but pretty sure that wouldn’t solve the incremental move issues.

How does the M119 (report current endstop status) relate to the endstops being activated? When you home does each axis home to the min direction?

Thanks for the response. Each axis homes in the positive direction away from the stops. Doing a little business travel right now, so it will be the weekend before i can try the M119 command. I’m also a bit confused as to which versions of the various software components to use. I upgraded the kittaz with a hexagon hot end.

You’ll want to be using the TAZ 5 firmware. Keep us updated with what you find- Your X and Y belts may need to have the belt routing flipped.

All is now well. I finally figured out that the kit did not come with the firmware installed (something must have been installed because the motors did activate). When I tried to compile and upload the firmware for a TAZ5 it gave me an error message and it took a bit of searching before I learned that I needed to add the U8GLIB to the Arduino IDE to solve the issue.
Once compiled and uploaded the problems were corrected. I did make a mistake mounting the control box. It needs to be mounted as close to the bottom of the rails as possible. Mine was high by about a half inch and so the left side z-carriage mounting cap screw hit the control box mounting cap screw with the result that the left side carriage ground to a halt while the right side kept going. Everything seems to be OK but the Z bearings are making quite a bit more noise now than they did. Hope a little lithium grease will help.

Are you using the LulzBot Hexagon tool head? If not you’ll want to use the TAZ4 firmware. If you are using the all metal tool head, carry on!