x axis now running in reverse direction

Doing a z upgrade on my taz 3.1, Got everything in place however my x axisis running in opposite direction.

All I did with thex axis wiring was un plug the motor, un mount it from old x end and mount it in the new and plugged it back in. Only wiring was to create a new z end stop harnes to make it longer, No firmware changed yet, Now real sure how this can be.

Check and see if the pins are all still lined up in the socket the way they started out, and that all pins are down and home tight.

Make sure you have the printer powered down and unplugged from the usb connection before (dis)connecting any of the stepper motors.

The connectors look correct. Its also not being consistent in its movement ether. So it does apear to be something amis in the wiring.

What kind of readings should I get at the connector? I have a meter and can check if I’m getting proper signal at the connector. That way I’ll know if its in the harness or the short pigtail coming from the motor.

Easiest thing to do would be to switch the wires on the X and Y axis, at the board, to see if the problem switches to the new axis (look into the board connector or the mosfet/stepper driver on that axis), or if the problem remains on the X (X stepper motor or X wiring).

The stepper motor has two wire pairs, they are: Black & Green and Red & Blue. The resistances of each wire pair should be between ~2.5 and ~3.2 Ohm.

Sometimes the endstops can cause weird axis movement, so use the M119 command in the Pronterface terminal window to check the current endstop status. Send the command twice for each axis, once while open and once while activated.

If you’d like more assistance, please feel free to send in a message to support@lulzbot.com, with your order number, serial number, contact information and shipping address.

OMG :blush: Did I neglect to mention removing the belt?

Note to self: Belt orientation is important!