move Y-axis endstop / limit switches off the bed

Several threads discuss the Y-Axis endstop wires breaking and needing replacement on the Mini 1.0x

Rhetorical question. Why do the endstop switches on the Mini move? They should be on the frame not the bed. If so the wires would not be breaking in the Y-Axis cable chain.

Has anybody moved the Y-Axis endstop/ limit switches to the frame? Did I miss a thread or two?

Have to check, does the Mini2 have the same design?

Thank you for listening, Mitch

In later versions of the Mini we changed the wiring harness itself to a cable that has a thicker protective covering which has resolved the problems with wear on those wires due to movement. The only real reason we here in tech support were able to think of for not putting the endstops on the frame itself is that in production this would require running two additional wiring harnesses as opposed to routing everything to one area which is a bit faster, it also means there are fewer wiring harnesses that someone could potentially snag something on.
In all honesty we couldn’t think of any major reasons not to do it so if this was something you were interested in trying out we couldn’t think of any negative effects it may have on the printer (you would have to source your own wiring since the ones provided most likely won’t be long enough.)
In answer to your Mini 2 question, the overall design of where the limit switches mount hasn’t been changed but we have resolved the issues with the wiring being damaged through wear.