Y-Axis Endstops working intermittently

Hi all

I have a problem with my Lulzbot Mini.

I finished a print with no issues but when I started the next one the rear Y-Axis Endstop did not trigger and it continued to try and move the bed back making a rather loud noise!
Now, I have had this issue before and it turned out to be a dodgy wire going to the rear Endstop sensor which was fixed by a friend.

However, this time both the front and back sensors work in some positions but not in others and the positions they work in seem random, sometimes it works when it hits the back, sometimes not.

They appear to be connected with separate wires and connect to separate points on the control board so I’m confused why both are affected and also why intermittently.

Is there anything common between the 2 that could cause this?
I’m not especially technically minded with electronics so any advice would be awesome!

Many thanks

So, update.

Problem is fixed for now but I’m not sure if I don’t have a bigger problem that’s the root cause.

All 4 wires (2 to each endstop) were damaged and only sending intermittent signals when tested.

Any idea what could cause this? All 4 being damaged at the same time seems like there must be something wrong somewhere as the chances must be astronomical that its just a coincidence. 1 of the wires was not original as I had to replace that a year ago, the other 3 were original, so about 2 years old.

Well, now printing again, will see if it keeps working later!


If I had to guess I’d bet you have a pinch point in your chain or a corner they all bend around where the wires are forced to flex at the same area over and over. The new Mini’s have a new wire chain holder that is supposedly better.