my filament breaks

i am trying to print with abs but when i try to print some thing out my filament just gets chewed up and wont print.
i have printed with this same material before and it has worked just fine, when i am examining the printer head i do notice the ideler wheel stops spining; ferther more i have tryed loosening and tightening the filament clamp but i still have no success pleas help

When you extrude the plastic, does it curl as it exits the nozzle? It should drop straight down. If it curls you might have a clog at the nozzle orifice.

Search cold pull on this forum. That might help you if you have a clog.

okay i thing my filament is getting stuck at the metal plate above the extruder but it is not clogged i can see in side of it the plate is a little shaky and i have tried to fix that but i am uncertain if this is the real problem because some times i can wiggle the filament around and get it past that plate, and it still wont extrude the nosel is not clogged i have been able to clean it.

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Anyway to the OP, I find the setting for ABS temperatures always a bit on the cold side at least on my machine. I run 250 on the head and bed temperatures 100 to 110 C. I do have a thermal blanket cover to keep off the drafts and hold the temperature constant, as warm. I just used some eSun PETG filament and I had to run that at the top of the recommended temperatures. Maybe its just my machine but at 230 it was not fusing.

I have a Mini so I am not sure what plate you are referring to? If the mounting plate for the head is loose I would try to correct that, maybe even a call to tech support will be in order.

Spell check is kinda confusing for a person with dyslexia when there can be more then one way to say brake/ break, but thanks for pointing that one out.

Insert the filament into the extruder with the idler open and see how far you can push it in to the extruder while it is at extrusion temperature. When it stops and does not push anything out of the nozzle, pull it back out and see how far it when into the hot end by holding it to the side of the extruder. The end of the filament where it stops will show how far it went into the hot end. If it does not quite make it to the heat block you have an obstruction in the barrel above the heat block which will require some work to clear out. If your filament shows that it has made it into the heat block then you have an issue right above the nozzle.

thanks i figured it out.

i think the hobbed bolt is chewing up my filament but there is no thing blocking the filament from going threw how can i fix that

Tightening the idler lever may help the hobbed bolt get a better grip on the filament.

i tryed that and the cuts are just deeper