My TAZ6 can't determine Firmware Version

I have two TAZ 6’s, Running the latest Cura (cura-lulzbot_3.6.20_win32) … I’ve followed the installation instructions to delete the Lulzbot Cache…
However, when I update the firmware to (V1.1.9.34) within Cura, I get the following pop-up error message on one of the printers. “Failed To Determine Installed Firmware Version”… I can cancel it and continue printing… but I’d like to fix the problem… Does anyone have any ideas or pointers, as to what’s wrong?
Thanks Robert

Hopefully you don’t have both printers hooked up to your computer at the same time. That could be an issue.

I would also update your Cura to 3.6.20, uninstall any previous versions of Cura and then clear your cache according to the download instructions on the Web site. Then add a new printer and update your firmware. You’ll want to back up any custom profiles you made before you start.

Then with your computer connected to your printer, you can open the console and type M115 in the bottom text box. It should tell you if you have the right firmware for your machine.

If you don’t get any information, it means that your printer is not connected to your computer. In which case, change your USB connection, change out your USB cable or check to see if your USB slot is loose on your RAMBo.

Hi … I followed all your instructions to the letter… You were right! It was the USB connection, however obvious it seem now… I never considered that! … It would seem a shorter, higher quality USB cable may have fixed the issue… well the error hasn’t re-appeared. Fingers crossed!

Incidentally!.. I’m certainly fortunate having two Taz 6’s, I came across a 2nd hand one very cheap, so I grabbed the opportunity. I’ve never had any cause to use them simultaneously… However I have experimented a little… After a few upgrades to my Windows machine, it would seem that I can run two Taz6’s in two different Cura windows… I’ve not tested this with any long prints yet! One day soon, I might give it a try…

Thanks for your good advice… Robert