TAZ Pro Firmware Flashing

Long story short I fried my RAMBo. Ouch that hurt. I’ve got the new one in, and I need to flash the new firmware on there. I can’t get the printer to connect through CURA, it keeps saying “Unable to update firmware because no printer is connected” when it is. 40 emails later with Customer Support, and I am right back where I started. It won’t connect to my MAC, so I tried with my DELL laptop. Every time I plugged in the TAZ, it automatically came up in COM & LPT Ports as “ECP Printer Port (LPT1)”. No matter what I did or tried it kept popping up as that. I created a COM port with the RAMBo usb driver, but it’s useless since the TAZ won’t connect to that, because it defaults to the LPT port. It’d be nice if LulzBot could create a HEX file so you could upload it through a thumb drive, but customer support said that’s not an option for the TAZ PRO. I’m open to all suggestions, both of my computers connected to the printer just fine prior to the board install. Least to say, I am at a very large dead end, with a dark and lonely printer waiting to be used.

If you have the Archim2 board, my TAZ pro came with, It may be passible using arduino IDE?

The TAZ Pro does not use the RAMBo board, instead it used the Archim 2 board which is 32-bit and is flashed with a .bin file. We are aware that MAC users are sometimes unable to connect over usb to their printer. If you have tried to install a RAMBo board with the TAZ Pro, that is not supported and is in uncharted waters. You might refer to Marlin source on flashing firmware to a new board.

apologizes, yes it is the Archim 2 board

UPDATE- I ended up sending the board directly to LulzBot. They flashed the firmware on it for me. Sent it back, and it is now installed. ISSUE- After installation, the screen is still black, and the printer is silent, and does not do it’s normal start up. It was doing this before, when it had no firmware on it…