Native printing in Windows 8.1

New to 3D printing.

Are there any projects that take advantage of the native 3D printing support in Windows 8.1 with TAZ 4?

We’re working with them and the community to bring better support to them all. Using our printer on Windows is remarkably easy. Just install a driver, download and unpack Slic3r & Printrun. The process takes less than 10 minutes. You’ll have more control, have better results and will learn more.

It would be nice to also have the option to use Windows Store Apps like 3D Builder or SolidWorks to print directly to TAZ 4.

At the time of the talk below, printrbot didn’t have support for native printing, but it seems they’ve had help to get the driver/software developed

I’m also curious about this. Has this been continuing in development, or has this project been dropped somewhere along the line.

The only other mention I found in the forums was here:

I agree that the current system works quite well. I’m using Solidworks right now, and I can see pretty clearly that there’s almost no customization options on the main interface.
I’m sure that as a minimum, they’ll let you select the temperatures, build size, and material/nozzle thicknesses in the “printer options”.

Although I would like to see the windows 8.1 driver functionality added, even if it were, I’d probably stick with putting slic3r gcode onto the sd card and printing that way.

What you’re looking for isn’t going to be something that open hardware customers are going to put a lot of time into. Since a lot of other vendors are using the same control boards (Rambo/RAMPS/other arduino boards) the usual way of identifying usb things, like USB vendor/device ID won’t really work, as it’ll just see the control board type, not anything printer specific. Things may get there in the future, but for now, not a lot of people in the Open Hardware community are working on it.