Searching for software to run a used taz4

Not sure this even can be found but got a used taz 4 and can’t find the software to run it.

Does the TAZ 4 have an LCD panel? If so, then turning the printer on will display the firmware version.

You can connect to the printer with a USB cable. The printer should have a USB-B connector so you will need a USB-A to USB-B cable. If you connect the printer to a Windows computer, then a simple interface to verify that the USB port is working is Pronterface / PrintRun.

Once you have verified that the printer can communicate, you will need a slicer to convert 3D objects into gcode. There are a variety of modern slicers to choose from.

I have an older version of CuraLE which contains support for a TAZ 4. You could use it to get printer profile information, start and end gcode, etc. but I’d use one of the modern slicers instead for most stuff.

Tell us more about your environment and we can get more specific with recomendations.

Thank you so much for reaching out to me. I will do that this evening.