First time set up


This is my third printer with the other two being a Replicator 2 and a Bukobot

Trying to get my new Taz4 running on Repetier Host with Slic3r.

Where are the config files for the printer? ie number of steps etc?

No printer data to be seen.

In the config menu of Repetier Host the “Firmware EEPROM Configuration” link cannot be opened

It connects but doesnt move xyz axis

Using Windows 7

Would love some help!


the new 1.01 version of repetier seems to have a bug of some sort that won’t let it send motion commands to a TAZ. People have tried every possible setting and it just won’t go. I don’t know why. 0.9x worked flawlessly.


Further updates…

On the third laptop it did connect!

This was the only one that would display bed and extruder temps as well as perform stepper moves.

FWIW this is the only one running windows 8.1 and is the newest of the bunch.

Repetier Host v1.00 Beta 1.

Will try backdating the other computers tomorrow.