Need Fix for Filament Retract Issue - TAZ 6

During the leveling process the head drops to the coin button, finds its rough Z home and then pulls up 30 units of filament. I wipes, levels and starts printing.

My issue is that when it goes to print often times it hasn’t push enough filament back to start the part. Thermal expansion, gravity or some other reason has left the nozzle with a net negative. it does a few laps, presumably to buffer for this issue but some times this isn’t enough and I don’t get material printing until so time into the first layer. Has anyone else run into this and found a better way to counteract this in the opening G-code? Should I change G1 Z2 E0 F75 to something like E5 or is there a better way? I’m hoping for a solution that I don’t have to remember and manually do each time.

Same issue here. Let me know if they get back to you on it.

I add a little snippet to the end of the start gcode to extrude a blob in the corner before starting the main skirt/print. You can also add more loops to the skirt if you want, but that’s annoying on smaller prints.

To see/edit the scripts in Cura you need to be in advanced mode. Note that messing with the start script can mess up the auto-leveling probe, but usually only if you change the instructions just before the probe command (G29). Just make a copy before changing it so you can always get back to stock. On the “G1 E12 F200” line, adjust the number after “E” to change how much you extrude for the purge.

G1 Z0.4 ; position nozzle
G1 E12 F200 ; purge nozzle
M400 ; wait for purge to complete
G1 X20 F1200 ; slow wipe
G1 Z0.5 F1200 ; lift